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Welcome to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Meteor

Updated every Monday and Thursday as long as I've got the time. I hope you guys enjoy Meteor Mondays~ Follow the adventures of a misguided Charmander as he makes his way though the world of Pokemon. Hey there~ If you're new to the Meteor comic, a nice place for you to start would be Mission Six: The Treasure of Truth Trails. It's got a whole lot of basic info you may find helpful. Or you could start at the very beginning. But be warned. My art has improved since then.

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RUT Page 24
RUT Page 24

May 26 2016 08:08 pm

Update -052616-

Yo, yo, everyone. Bk here. It's been a while, huh? Been a while since the last filler and even more than the last proper chapter. Well, here's an update.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Meteor is makin' its comeback. The next chapter is Mission 9: Rank Up Time. It'll be up in maybe a week or two, so look forward to it...! The style will be more like the most recent filler comic, Waiting, so be sure to check that out if you haven't yet.

Here's a preview of the next chapter's cover page.

Until then...!

Jul 14 2012 11:33 pm

Update -071412-

Ah, hello there. Sorry for that... Strange little hiatus. A nice amount of things came up and I was not at a capable level to be doing things on here.
Anyways, Meteor will be updating for the next few weeks without any interruptions. I'm just about finished drawing the rest of the chapter, so we'll be all good with this. It kind of gets a little heavy towards the end and is kind of text heavy as well, so I hope you guys don't mind.

And that brings me to my next point.

I'm thinking of doing the next chapter, Fear of Ghost (Chapter name pending Hahah), digitally. Full color and everything. If I do this, I may only be able to update once a week, so would that be alright with you guys?
I just want to see if I'll actually be able to do it well.

Anyways, I hope you guys are doin' better than I am and I'll see ya around~

May 17 2012 12:27 pm

I really need to change that banner

I'll do it tomorrow, probably.

Jan 12 2012 12:46 pm


I forgot. I need to make a new banner. >3<

Oct 30 2011 08:54 pm

Vote here!

Hey you guys!
I'm about finishing up with the Meowth Mystery Mix-Up arc and it's time for you to decide which chapter I should do next!
Here are the choices!

Ghost: Matt has gotten sick and the only way to cure him is to get some super medicine! The only problem? It's in an old mansion filled with ghost! And guess who's terribly afraid of ghost? Will Mitch be able to concur his fears to help Matt?

Human: Mitch was a human, which means he had human friends, but what happens when he meets up with one of his oldest human friends in the Pokemon world? Secrets revealed!

Cards: A new craze hits the streets! Pokemon Team Trading Card Game! Someone seems to have collected data from Pokemon Teams around the world and turned it into a trading card game! Are you game enough to join Mitch and the rest of the Energy Guild as they play this new challenge?

So don't be shy! Comment and help me figure out which one you'd like to see next! And they'll all be done eventually, so don't worry if the one you wanted wasn't chosen~

Oct 28 2010 09:12 pm

A Lack of Pages

Ah, sorry!
College has been busy and I have not really had time to draw Meteor pages!
These last 10 pages were drawn before... September 20, I think? So I had a nice buffer, but I didn't think college would be so time consuming this year.

The point is, no pages at the moment.
If anything, I'll be sure to have pages by Nov. 8 by the latest.
I hope.

Sorry for those who are waiting!

Jun 02 2010 12:46 pm

Finally Updating Here

Well, yeah, I haven't updated this comic one in a while.
It hasn't gone that far, but I suppose you guys deserve it still. x3
So here you go. ,:3
It's up to page 40, so you'll catch up in due time. ,:3


Sep 17 2009 12:56 pm

Opps! x3

Haha Sorry about that. x3
I haven't been updating this place. ,:3
Well I guess it's time to update! x3
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Meteor is over hundred pages now so I hope you're ready for them. x3
But please remember that as an artist, I grow and learn over time. ,:3
So comics may change and etc. etc. x3

Well I hope you enjoy them! :3

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